King Ed Bay 1

king-ed-bay1-page-bannerThis 4000 square foot gorgeous home has 4 bedrooms and all the bells and whistles. The living and dining area has a gas fireplace and a 1000 square foot gorgeous patio. This house is on a beautiful tree lined hillside. We worked together with the architect and surveyors to overcome land challenges. The hillside was levelled and reinforced to lay a solid foundation, to build on. The native rock patios and landscaping add to the charm of this property. It offers privacy and seclusion and has a beautiful open concept for maximum living.


Main Home: Data
Location Bowen Is.
Square Feet 4000
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3.5


Additional Data
Dock Ocean Cabana
Sun Deck 1000 sqft
Driveway gravel
Ocean Trail stonework and deck